Religious Education

Why do we need religious education? Indeed, it is a very common question among us Catholic faithful, children and adult alike. Do we ever realize if we rely only on ourselves we cannot continue to do good, but when we rely on God we are able to persevere in doing good? It is our faith that guides us to use God's strength in our daily lives. This strength is known as grace, the gift of God that gives us the ability to do good in our life journey. Participating in religious education will always give us the resources and tools to be able to recognize God's grace so we can live well, through both good and bad times.

"If we want it to have real meaning and fulfillment, as you want and as you deserve, I say to each one of you, 'Put on faith', and your life will take a new flavor, it will have a compass to show you the way; 'put on hope' and every one of your days will be enlightened and your horizon will no longer be dark, but luminous; 'put on love', and your life will be like a house built on rock, your journey will be joyful, because your will find many friends to journey with you."
-Pope Francis, World Youth Day Rio 2013