About Us

The Boston Deaf Apostolate seeks to provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholics with a greater access to their faith and to the sacraments and ensures that their needs at parishes and Archdiocesan events are met.


The Office of the Deaf Apostolate is the access point within the Archdiocese for inclusion of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholics in all facets of Church life.That mission is realized by assisting parishes in becoming welcoming to the Deaf in their locale, supporting archdiocesan agencies in making their activiies inclusive of and accessible to the Deaf, offering direct pastoral ministry to Deaf persons throughout the Archdiocese, and supporting the Church's ecumenical efforts as it relates to the Deaf.


According to statistics from research studies at Gallaudet University and many national organizations associated with religious programs for the Deaf, "ninety--six percent of deaf people have no religious affiliation. The simple reason is that most ecclesial communities offers no access to parish life for folks who communciate through sign langugage."

The Deaf Apostolate provides ASL Masses (celebrated by Boston's own Deaf priest), religious education from First Communion though Confirmation, Adult Faith Formation, Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (a process when one becomes Catholic), Youth Ministry, Senior Deaf Wellness Program,and other aspects of ministry. We also have interpreting services for parishes or any Archdiocesan events.

If you are an interpreter or recent ITP graduate and you would like to have the opportunity to learn about interpreting Catholic, theological and biblical concepts, please let us know and we can arrange mentorship opportunities for you. We are always looking to train and support our interpreters.

We offer internship opportunities for those initiating Deaf ministry in their diocese or who want to expand Deaf Ministry, and for those interested in working with Deaf Catholics This opportunity is open to priests, laity, religious and seminarians. If you are interested in learning American Sign Language including signing religious texts, services, and theological concepts, please contact us.