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Coming Soon!  Photos and videos of our WYD 2016 Krakow Pilgrimage 
Past World Youth Day Reflections:
WYD 2005 Cologne

"...This pilgrmage was an awe-inspiring experience for me and my new international Deaf brothers and sisters,whom I formed a close-bonding friendship with." -Shawn Carey (Deaf Seminarian), Cologne, Germany 2005

WYD 2008 Sydney

"Thanks to the Goodness of God shining through the the generosity of so many The Deaf Youth were able to enjoy the great pilgrimage of young people from every country and tribe, nation and tongue, and yes, every sign language spoken under the sun." -Dominick Boyd (High School Deaf Youth), Sydney, Australia 2008

WYD 2011 Madrid

"...One Saturday night I expected the weather to be hot overnight, but at about 9pm rain came suddenly. My sleeping bag was ruined as it became totally wet. So I didn't sleep well until about 3am. At that time, my sleeping bag was partially dry so I accepted this suffering. Then I slept alright until 6 in the morning when it was time to get ready for the Papal Mass. I really enjoyed meeting people from different countries and learned their native sign language. The pilgrimage was cool!..." -Kelly Trinh (High School Deaf Youth), Madrid, Spain 2011

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Past World Youth Days

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